Monday, June 9, 2008

Warmness of the soul...

Warmness of the soul of avenged sevenfold's earlier songs ......when his voice wasn't that good yet , but i still like it ....CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!

Just got metallica's Black Album and didn't manage to listen to it fully yet cos i just came back from overseas.....i'll listen to the damned thing later when i'm burning some fat and hopefully its as good as they say it's the cover of the CD for those of u who aren't familiar with it......

Some of the tracks in there are "enter sandman" and "nothing else matters".....Check those out too...........until next time, bye bitches!!!

PS: Make sure u check out the "THE ALBUM PROJECT 2008" posts and updates which can be found at the left side of this page under the heading "ALBUM PROJECTS".

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6 MONTHS is 1/140 of my lifetime IF i'm LUCKY!!!

just wanna share or recommend these songs with/to u guys.............

1. Brompton cocktail - avenged sevenfold
2. Beatbox cipher - point blanc ( yeah the malaysian rapper guy aka mr.ipohmali)
3. Forget december - something corporate (thnx yi ming!)

go check them out NOW!!!

And I found this video on u know where and its pretty funny watch the damn thing....

reminds me of jia xian doing his pen trick..........

BTW like i might have said a long time ago, a new project is in CAN say its a follow up to the lawl project, but at the same time u CANT say that.....well, this whole year is just focused on that project which will now be named "THE ALBUM PROJECT" cos i have absolutely no clue what i should call it at the moment.

Brief explanation, its most probably gonna consist of :

1. 6 original songs ( no spoofs or jokes this time......its a serious project! =D)
2. 1 intro track
3. So, 7 tracks altogether...

Though originally i wanted 5 bands and 10 songs in the project, now there are only 3 bands because there is just not enough time for that many songs to be done.....

Each band will come up with 2 songs. The release date is yet to be confirmed but right now i' ll be updating every now and then on the progress n stuff.....ill post a video up soon to let u guys see what the hell we're doing..........

Oh and the orange Logo shit at the top of this blog was done by yew weng and i have not belanjad him fine day i will.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

LIFE AFTER WE LEAVE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO as an official close to "lawl" project??!!

Our class blog is here

I promised you guys the lawl - life after we leave official music video about a week ago. It took another week to finish but here it is right before your eyes. Hope you like it and at least shed some crocodile tears la...With these last words, "lawl" has officially come to a close...right.....


Saturday, December 8, 2007

LAWL lyrics

We only have 3 songs now. live with it.

LAWL coming to a close...yay??!!

SPM SPM SPM go to hell !!! That piece of crap is finally out of our lives...okay its a little bit late to say that...I know there has been a lack of updates lately.... 2 months, to be specific. Thats a long time...enough to make a fortune if u work in apologies.

I know i promised that the lyrics will be posted up on freedom day (26 november) but i had to work on my next project, which will be out next year (2008 lar) so I won't touch on that yet. Zwee will be bringing the lyrics to my place tomorrow. Well, today la cos its already 9th december. No, i don't have the lyrics. I don't even know the lyrics to some of the songs haha. So zwee'll post 'em up when he arrives.

Jebat is currently busy with his Malaysian Philharmonics Youth Orchestra thingy so we won't be seeing him for some time. Visit this site for more info and tour dates if u wanna see him in action. He plays first violin and he also happens to be my violin teacher. Yes he IS LUCKY to have such a good student like me. Just kidding... i give him migrains every week.

I also promised "thank yous" so here goes. Thanks to: (in no particular order)

  1. my fellow "lawl" partners jebat and zwee. Always punctual and dedicated, they gave their 100% throughout the whole process from the planning to the sales. Note that the lyrics of the songs were done by those two bunch of bananas. Jebat even composed a song himself (track 7 - life after we leave). They also helped out with the concept of this album. Thanks for doing such a good job and giving such great performances during "studio" sessions. Hope you had fun.

  2. The consumers, mostly our classmates who have invested their hard saved money on our product. Thanks for making this project a success by placing your trust on us and supporting us. Without you, the three of us will be gaying around while listening to the album. With you, the more, the merrier, the gayer haha. Hope that the album will bring back sweet memories in years to come.

  3. The bunch of belians who inspired the track "Norela remix", which was circulated even before the album was released.

  4. The Yi Shen, the Kah Shin, the Ang and the Dom, who lent their voices in track 10 - speech.

  5. Haw Yang for being our official salesman and using his skills to con people lol and lending his voice in track 4 - norela.

  6. Zean who inspired the name "lawl" when i saw his msn name, kah shin who's pen became the front cover and the shoe for providing the front cover.
  7. Sian Hoo, who introduced me to the world of audio engineering. Without him, none of this would exist. Including this site, this project and this idea.

  8. Lastly, thanks to everyone else not mentioned above. Ngo apah, ngo amah...wan li's dog, Ranger for betraying me for yi shen.

One thing i noticed about this blog is that it lacks pictures. So, feast your eyes:

The "LAWL" album progress chart haha.

Zwee's favourite tool in life.

Then there's the amazing facts about the "LAWL" album project:

  1. Every sound was recorded using an RM6 mic (which was surprisingly good).
  2. "The cheater" was the track that took the longest time to mix.
  3. The recording of "Philip the boy" did not involve any musical instruments. All sounds were produced using our mouths and hands.
  4. The only musical instruments used were my classical guitar, jebat's acoustic guitar, a pelangi mod maths book and my form 1 paint brush which was used to hit the mod maths book. This means that no electric guitar, bass guitar or drums were used. Of course, softwares were used to apply effects to mimic the sounds of these instruments.
  5. Jebat only came for 2 recording sessions, which was more than enough for him to nail his parts down nicely.
  6. "Norela remix" was recorded before "Norela".
  7. "Life after we leave" was the only track that involved only one of us, that is jebat. He wrote it, composed and played the guitar parts and sang the song.
  8. The idea of this project started when Zwee and I were fooling around in my room.
  9. I was working on the album cover during Zean's birthday party. AMAZING!

Oh yeah. I'm currently working on the official music video for the song "Life After We Leave" which will be our FIRST and ONLY official single being released from this album. In case some of you were wondering why i was filming during the two class parties, it is to be used to make this video. It is not for personal satisfaction lol. It was supposed to be released about a week ago, but I'm having a few problems with it right now, so it'll take much longer. Hopefully before prom night. So, look out for that one.

Yes, we're officially back in action like looney tunes back in action.